Yuba Mundo longtail bike — “the minivan of bicycles” (for sale)

Oh man, I love this bike, and I hate to get rid of it.

This is a Yuba Mundo longtail, with

  • front basket
  • rear rack
  • bench (with Yepp Maxi child set mounting plate attached, but easily removed)
  • foot rails

The “longtail” part is really long, longer than a typical cargo bike. When I bought it, I was told it’s “the minivan of bicycles.” That appealed to me, because you can fit three young children on the back rack. You can see in the photos this has the hand rails installed, a (faux?) bamboo deck, and the foot rest rails below (maybe reachable once your kid is 7 or 8).

I used it with a Yepp Maxi baby/toddler seat mounted on the back. Then the two post-toddlers could sit in front of the Maxi seat.

On the front is an enormous basket, great for dumping lots of stuff in. I removed the basket for a while, to install a front-mounted baby seat. Once baby was old enough to ride in the Maxi, he moved to the back of the bike. With the basket on, you can’t see the front tire — which is a little eerie at first, as the steering feels like it’s happening by some invisible force. But it quickly becomes a badge of pride. Hey, you’re keeping yourself, three little kids (maybe) and this entire minivan upright! You’re a hero and you deserve the badge!

I’m the second owner. I bought it from another family, who’d used it happily for many years with their three kids. It’s definitely not in pristine condition. It has scratches and bumps. It also has an integrated headlight and rear taillight, though the wires were severed before I bought it, and they’ve never worked for me. (Someone with basic wiring skills, unlike me, can probably reconnect these.) That said, I never needed a light since… well, I never rode around with all my kids at night.

Anyway it’s definitely secondhand, it’s not new and shiny, but this thing is indestructible and just so much fun to ride with kids. Their giggles and shrieks motivate me to pedal them up any hill. :grin:

If you’re interested, reply or send me a note. I have no idea what a fair price would be. But I hope it can go to a third family who will enjoy it as much as we have.

Looks cool. How much did you pay for it? Might give some of us interested a starting idea for price….Thanks!

Thanks! I think I paid $800 a couple years ago. Different configurations of the Mundo are listed elsewhere around $700-800, e.g. https://offerup.com/search?q=yuba+mundo

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