Will the Blumenauer bridge be really car free?

Technically the envisioned usage for the Peninsula Crossing Trail, Spring Water Corridor, the MUP by Greeley/Interstate are ALL car free.
“It’s a little wider so it can take emergency vehicles, it’s safe, it’s secure and it’s going to make a big difference for our community,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer.

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I’ve seen a number of cars driven, parked, and stripped and abandoned on the Springwater Corridor. Pretty much every time I ride on the section behind Powell Butte there are people riding gas powered minibikes or larger. Evidence indicates that the various governments involved have abandoned upkeep and law enforcement along the trail west of SW Pleasant View Drive.

Chopwatch, this is Portland, If the bridge can be trashed, it will be trashed. And there is nothing that will be done about it except you and I will get the bill to clean it up.


Isn’t designing it to accommodate emergency vehicles a good thing? It’s also designed to accommodate maintenance vehicles, which is also good. If that ability means that it’s not really “car free” I’m fine with that.

It’s the same case with MUPs, at least ones built by Parks. Parks’ design standards for them were written to include ability to be used by maintenance vehicles. For example, when Parks rebuilt a portion of the Willamette Greenway trail a couple years ago, it made sure it could accommodate Parks’ maintenance crews’ pickups. I’ve also seen emergency vehicles use the path to access areas not accessible by streets.


All MUPs are designed to accommodate grounds keeping and emergency vehicles. I mean unauthorized vehicles that plagues most of our MUPs; such as those along I-205 in SE and Peninsula Crossing Trial near University of Portland.

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