Who fixes bike frames?

Hello. My bike frame is bent and I don’t know what to do. I have had this bike 10 years, I built it, been through 3 forks and a lot together. The frame is a Bianci, maybe 80’s. The frame is only slightly bent, barely can tell. But still definitely bent and I am wondering if there is anyone in Portland that works on bikes and frame repair. Is this a thing? Where do I find someone? I know it’s not a normal bike shop thing.

I don’t think anyone local advertising steel frame repair, but it couldn’t hurt to try a few. I’d try Mark at Belladonna first https://www.instagram.com/belladonnacycles/ . Also try Christopher Igleheart Igleheart ♥ Custom Frames and Forks and if you don’t have luck there, walk over to Metropolis Cycles (next door) and ask them. Good luck! And make sure to share if you find someone.


Bantam http://www.bantambicycles.com/ would be another possibility.

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It is a thing because several bike tool makers sell frame straightening tools. Bad Boyz Bicycles in Vancouver has one. I can’t give a recommendation for frame straightening because we used it as a cheater bar on a chain whip to remove an old freewheel from the hub, but he’s always been honest with me and if he said he could do it, I would trust him.

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