Which Forest Park trailheads have bike parking?

I would like to bike to Forest Park, lock my bike up, and then go on a hike. But I’ve never found any listing of which, if any, trailheads have bike parking. I really don’t want to bike all the way there and then have to keep going trailhead to trailhead to find one with parking.

Does anyone know of a list or map that displays this? The city’s PDF about each of the trailheads doesn’t mention bike parking, nor does the Forest Park Conservancy trailheads map or the city’s map.

Anyone got a list? Or even your own anecdotal recollections?

Thurman gate has PBOT staples right at the entrance. But you can bike abt a half mile further and there are a few more of them.

I’ve seen people just lock bikes to trail signs all along Leif (see pic). I think that would work fine.

I’ve also locked bikes to a metal sign pole right at bottom of that Ridge trail connector trail on west end of St Johns Bridge just a bit north on NW

Bridge Rd.

Looks like you found it! (Just rode up NW Bridge and saw your bike :smiley: Hope it all worked out well.

Given how many trees there are, would a chain + tree work? (One of the reasons I carry a chain is more flexible options for securing my bike than what a u-lock can offer.)

Ha! Yeah, I just did what you told me. Worked out great. I could just barely get my U-lock around the trailhead sign.


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The Skyline restaurant that is closest to NW Germantown Road (not the closed one right at that intersection) says they allow people to park bicycles behind the building when eating/drinking there. I would ask them about this new topic.