"...where shall I go? What shall I do?"

Please don’t tell me you don’t give a damn. What I should do is ride. “Where” and how to get there is the question.

I’m immune compromised and self-isolating for as long as I can afford to. I’m not getting out much, sitting too still for too long, and getting bored, tired, flabby and fat.

Yes, there are fewer cars on the road, but when I have gone out, I have encountered about the same number of aggressive drivers – I’m still blasting my (Orp) horn about once per trip. When roads are emptier, that kind of driver is more inclined to barrel through stop signs. My cellmate is not feeling like the roads are any safer: he does not want to take advantage of what should be an opportunity to claim roads we have avoided.

We’re both slow, almost-paranoid, low-mileage transportation cyclists. We ride to get somewhere and happen to get exercise in the process. I’m a bike commuter (when I felt I could go into the office :frowning:) because my direct bus line was eliminated years ago, and taking two buses to go three miles is insane. We (usually) stubbornly take the lane because we insist on being seen, not because we ride at the speed of motorized traffic. We live in inner SE. Where should we dare to ride?

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Thanks for sharing machiya. Now that Mt. Tabor is closed to cars, that might be a fun place to go. But if you do I’d try it earlier or later on the weekends since it might be crowded. Same for the springwater. I’ve personally gotten to love the connections the 70s Bikeway offers. I take it north-south from NE Portland a lot. It’s a great way to bike between the Alameda (through the golf course!) and Tabor.

How about a ride through downtown? It’s probably the least trafficked place in Portland right now. Might be a good time to check out some new places that you don’t hang out in much.

The answer really depends on what you like and what your goals are.

Since you’re normally a utility cyclist, is the goal simply exercise or is experiencing nature or the city part also important? How much do you feel about things like hills, traffic controls, and other features of urban life? How do you feel about paths, are loops acceptable, etc.? What kind of distance is ideal and how far are you willing to ride for what kind of experience? Would you drive to a place to ride?

What works for others won’t necessarily work for you, so it’s really about matching what’s out there to what you like about cycling.

Is it safe to go out right now?
Lockdown is currently taking place everywhere due to the pandemic.

“safe” is relative and everyone will have their own feelings about it. In my opinion, it’s definitely safe to go out on a bike ride in your neighborhood, as long as you’re very considerate of others and keep a distance.


Lots of great rides are safer than entering a grocery store

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