What, you know, in the world happened at 37th and Prescott?

I rode through there the other day and there’s pretty much bollard puke and the narrowest bike ramp to a sidewalk with a hard 90 degree turn I’ve ever seen. WTF PBOT. Can anyone tell me the intention here? I ignored all of it and cross through the chicane like I’ve always done.

It’s been that way for a while. And it’s crap.

Here is the “it’s coming” post on BP: More bike projects in the works: NE 16th, SE Holgate, NE 37th - BikePortland

Here is the “it happened” post: City puts cycling on sidewalk for safety at tricky northeast intersection - BikePortland

Bonus followup post: Comment of the Week: Let’s stop with the bikes-on-sidewalk B.S.

What is displayed in that 2016 post is nowhere near the travesty of what is currently installed.

Ah I see now. Well, I can tell you this- I used to avoid the 37th crossing due to the lack of visibility and speed of traffic, and that’s how I ended up $20,000 out of pocket losing two teeth in a right hook collision at prescott and 33rd. Why was I at fault? Due to no bike infrastructure, it wasn’t reasonable that a driver could be cognizant of a bike on a public road. I’m not talking about biking irresponsibly, I’m talking about being on a public road.

Tell me who to flog, and I’ll do it. This is utter .

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