What to do about traffic death?

I haven’t seen much of any concern by PBOT or Hardesty about the incredible increase in traffic deaths in Portland. Seems like the city is failing in its role to provide safe streets. Hardesty has prevented us from having police enforcement and traffic cameras don’t seem to be materializing. Emails for action go unanswered. Maybe we need to picket PBOT and Hardesty’s office? Oh but they are all still “working” from home.
It’s time for the city to roll up its sleeves and get back to work for the people.

I’m with you on wanting to reduce traffic deaths!

The woman who died down the street from me this morning has been living outside for a long time with her domestic partner. They frequently fight and ran out into the traffic during today’s argument.
What would have prevented this death is keeping people from living in greenspaces adjacent to traffic.

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Yes, I agree. Street camping is inhumane. It needs to stop. We have the money, we just need a bit of compassion combined with boundaries.