What are PBOT's plans for East Tabor Drive?

East Tabor Drive, on the east side of Mt. Tabor, has been closed since spring 2020, part of PBOT’s pandemic response. Here’s the segment of road I’m talking about:

However after all the other roads in the park re-opened, East Tabor has remained closed to automobiles. There are barricades and a gate at the bottom and barricades at the top. Does PBOT (or Portland Parks & Rec) intend to make this permanent? It’s been really nice not to have to worry about cars as I climb / descend. (In pre-pandemic times the gate was only closed on Wednesdays.)

Yesterday I saw a car approach the top barricades, then the driver got out and pulled one aside and drove down the closed segment of road, around the corner and out of sight. I dismounted and pulled the barricade back into position (my passive-aggressive FU to 'em I suppose) and I found it amazingly flimsy and lightweight… anyone can throw these things around with ease, they’re PVC plastic. Yes, it’s a dead end as long as the gate at the bottom remains locked, but it seems like any driver can get in there if they want.

Anyhow, I caught up with the car a moment later and, no surprise, the driver and passenger were parked with their windows down smoking meth (complete with the tell-tale glass “love rose” pipe).

So yeah, maybe we need a gate at the top too.