West hills riding *better* during pandemic rush hour?

Am I nuts, or can west hills riding actually be better at rush than weekend mornings and afternoons?

During the week, I often ride out at the end of the workday to loosen up. My consistent experience is that once I get to the hills, the small roads from the bottom up to Skyline are practically empty and the very little traffic I encounter plays nicely.

Yesterday, I went riding with a buddy from 9-1 just going up and down various routes. Seemed like there was much more recreational traffic on the small roads than I encounter during rush – and they didn’t play as nicely. Frankly, I was surprised how much recreational traffic there was as well as how much there was on HWY 30 (where were they going on Saturday morning if everything is closed)

“Commuter” roads such as Germantown and Cornell were better yesterday – during rush, drivers tend to ride my tail at unsafe distances on descents through curves even though I’m often going over the speed limit. But I couldn’t help but think that the small roads are normally actually better during my rush hour rides.

It’s that reactionary driver brain that says “must. pass. bicycle!” that gets them on your tail. Doesn’t matter that you can actually take the sharpest curves faster and react to surprises better on a downhill. And it most definitely doesn’t matter that you’re speeding (and they are too) — like Hulk must smash, they must pass. :frowning:

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