Water Fountain At Women's Forum Viewpoint Remains Out Of Service

The water fountain at the Women’s Forum viewpoint on the Historic Columbia River Highway remains turned off.


Any thoughts on how we can convince Oregon State Parks to restore service?

For cyclists going up and down the Larch climb, it’s the last place to refill bottles or the first place to top back up after descending and on hot days (like Sunday) it’s an issue because the next place to get water is either the store in Corbett or Lewis & Clark State Park in Troutdale (which does have a functional water fountain) and requires another 10-20 mins of riding.

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve stopped here many times and been crestfallen to realize the water is off. Maybe Corbett General Store has lobbied State Parks to keep it closed so we are forced to buy drinks from them… haha!

seriously though… I’m sure an email to State Parks might help get to the bottom of it. I’ll reach out to one of my contacts there and report back.

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Good news! I reached out to a source at Oregon State Parks and they said:

> The water line feeding this fountain runs all the way down to Rooster Rock, and getting it charged was a challenge this year. It’s operating now.


I was there about 3 hours ago and still no water. Thankfully the lavender farm nearby has great lemonade for $3.


aha! I was going to ask if this was true. Maybe it’s in progress. I’ll keep on it.


I followed up with State Parks and the source assured me that an area manager used the water himself and it was working. He said there might have just been some air in the line when you used it. Should be working now. Please let us know the status after you try one more time.

I rode up Larch Mountain on Saturday (July 31st) and was hoping to refill my water bottles at the Women’s Forum, but I couldn’t get it to work. Tried being patient and eventually got a slight bubbler. But another minute or so of holding the button yielded nothing more substantial than that.