Warning for cyclists/pedestrians using SE ANKENY "Metal Pipe Guy!"

Post yesterday on NextDoor. Be careful out there. This is all too common in Portland 2021. :(. Check out

*Man Threatened Me with a Metal Pipe near the 76 on East Burnside. Just a heads up… I know a lot of people ride their bike or walk on SE Ankeny, behind the 76 on E Burnside. I was walking and a guy showed off his metal pipe like he was going to hit me. *

*Description: male, around 5’7?", wearing a dirty grayish long skirt, a red long sleeve shirt, shirt brown hair, looked homeless and maybe under the influence of drugs. *

When he noticed I had protection, he backed away. Just a heads up. Be careful, know your surroundings, carry mace. Most importantly, know your surroundings. I can’t say that enough. I’ve stopped wearing headphones since attacks have gone up.

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