Wanted: bike for petite female (5'1")...read on please

I’m looking for an ugly but very ridable bike for petite older female (5’1" and 58 years old)…read on please…
I posted a few months back. I have a Terry Classic and I do not want to lock it up around town. I also am hoping to haul food for Food Not Bombs on a bike that isn’t my Terry. So, if you run across a not-too-heavy 14"-16’ framed bike (XS or Small) with a step through bar and multiple gears (granny gear, etc) because hauling boxes of fruits and veggies on a Burley or other type of trailer is HEAVY, please contact me. Thanks!!! Because FNBombs is a volunteer gig, I’d love to spend less than $200. (I’ve been looking on craigslist and fb marketplace but 99% of sellers have no clue what size their bikes are so it’s exhausting asking everyone).

hi amyvegan!
have you checked with Bikes 4 Humanity yet? https://www.b4hpdx.org/
they often have smaller low cost bikes. oh! they often list them on their instagram stories.


i have. thanks, yes.