Vancouver, BC, 1907

I really enjoyed this digitally enhanced footage from 1907, color and sound added - the whole street scene, and especially the bikes! They’re everywhere, including a Strong and Fearless type cutting off a streetcar at about 0:52, and a store front sign advertising “Bicycles & Automobiles” at about 6:20 (left side). The only moving automobile is at 6:05, not much more than a horseless carriage. Trolley tracks didn’t faze the riders; speeds were low and tires fat. Trolleys are the dominant use of the street, but not a monopoly; people are using it for lots of other things, too.

Hope y’all enjoy it!


Still left handed traffic. I think they switched a few years after this. No motorcycles and only 2 cars!!

Thanks for sharing. These are fun.

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