URGE REI to register bikes, You can help!

I am urging REI to begin offering Point of Sale bike registration to their customers when they buy a bike. With REI being one of the largest bike retailers this would be a great step to help reduce bike theft. You can email the REI board at: board@rei.com If you are an REI member be sure to mention that in your email.

Here is a sample letter:

Dear REI board:
I am writing to ask you to consider offering point of sale registration to members/customers when they purchase a new bike from REI. Bike theft has reached crisis proportions in many areas of the country and bike registration is a proven manner in which to reunite owners with their beloved bikes and also to reduce bike theft across the board.

*You may or may not be aware of the two main bike registries in North America. One is Project 529 (a C-corporation) and the other is Bike Index (a non-profit organization 501©(3)). Both are able to offer retailers Point of Sale (POS) registration integration. *

I urge you to reach out to these organizations and setup up POS registration to improve your member’s experience and be a partner in reducing bike theft!

Keep on riding!