Upcoming clsure of Jantzen Beach passage?

I was riding from Kenton to Vancouver, Washington Wednesday and noticed a change in the passage under I-5 which leads to the D.O.T. parking lot. There are newly installed metal posts at both sides of the passage. They appear to be designed to allow for a chain to be run between them restricting access.This the the same place where a few months ago there was a cage-like structure installed. Could this be to restrict access while they hold the motorcycle training sessions? A strategy regarding the homeless population?

interesting stehanv. Can you snap a pic and share it next time? I’d like to know what’s going on. I can also ask my ODOT guy about it and get some clarity about what exactly is going on. I highly doubt they’d restrict bike/walk access there given its necessity in the route. ODOT also stores stuff under there they need to reach with pickup trucks.