Unregistered bicycle dismantling operations: NW/C SE 36th Ave & SE Hawthorne Blvd

Noticed about 15 bike tires without wheel in a pile, and a handful of stripped out bike frames in a pile near a row of tents. March 15, 2022. Next to where Goodwill on Hawthorne used to be.


Maybe we could call the people that work/own at the “unregistered bicycle dismantling operations” bicycle recycling engineers or bicycle redistribution planners?

Edit: Another I thought of “bicycle reclamation partners.”

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How about we call them what they are? Drug addicts who traffic in stolen goods to feed their habits.


Oh I would, but some folks don’t like such descriptive and accurate names. I like to try and come up with descriptions that go over the top with all the PC non-sense we have to put up with these days.


The tents on SE 36th/Hawthorne are no longer there. There are large planters on that corner now.


So, it’s probably at Laurelhurst Park or the Sunnyside School then. Impact reduction program does nothing but push them around elsewhere in a continuous cycle.