Unmarked Gravel Pile causes Biker to crash in South Waterfront

Monday afternoon I and a friend were riding on some residential streets in the South Waterfront area by the bottom of the tram when we heard a loud crash that sounded bicycle-ish. After a quick look around we found a biker picking himself off the ground and a downed hybrid. We pulled out my first aid kit and gave him some antiseptic and helped clean off the blood while he picked out chunks of gravel that became embedded. We then parted ways and he walked it off with his bike to a nearby hospital.

Anyways the reason I make this post is to point out another bike incident that could have been prevented. In this case a pile of gravel after a blind turn, blending in with the shade, on a steep downhill that was completely unmarked, no traffic cones. When my mom was pregnant with me she crashed her bike into an unmarked pile of dirt, got knocked out, and had to be picked up by an ambulance. All in all, if I were that bicyclist I’d be knocking on the door of that house very soon. If he were to see this post I do have GoPro footage of the incident that I’d like to give to him if any legal situations come from this etc.

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