Two girls struck last night at/near Hawthorne

I don’t know any details and can’t find any reports about the incident but I’m told that two of my daughters best friends were struck yesterday on Hawthorne and are currently in critical condition. To say that the SES school community is in shock is a massive understatement.

I’m so sorry to hear this! Any update on their condition or what happened?

Terrible. It’s amazing how many tragedies don’t even make it into the local news anymore. Any update on the victims?

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They’re going to be ok. One of the families is very private and we don’t know the full extent of her injuries other than broken pelvis and thumb. The other also suffered a broken pelvis, concussion and other injuries. The kids have been doing zoom calls and art collaborations and generally seem to be in good spirits


Sad to hear about this. Curious what happened. Please reach out if you can connect me to someone who might now more of the details that led to the crash. Thanks.