Truck / minivan comparison

This is pedantic, but I’ve noticed a lot of comparisons on BP (and other outlets) between crew cab pickup trucks and minivans. As a car guy, I suggest this is inaccurate, as most minivans can seat 7-8 people, and most crew cab pickups seat only 5 or 6. More accurate would be a comparison between the trucks and station wagons.

Interestingly, station wagons are a dying segment as well. Most are European luxury models, and none from domestic makers.

An F-150 Crew Cab is an overgrown Subaru Baja, which was a Legacy/Outback wagon with an open cargo area. Call 'em open backed station wagons.

Tesla Model S is sort of a station wagon - seats 7 with options
same with the model Y. I think SUV’s are sort of replacing station wagons.