Trimet tries to return to safety (MORE police and less face eating perhaps?)

Trimet fially seems to realize that allowing lawlessness on public transit is not good for business. What a surprise that having someone get their face eaten off at a Max Stop was not viewed by the public as a positive for embracing environmentally friendly transit.
It will be interesting to see how many of the local, out of touch transportation advocates and organizations decry this move. Oregon Walks? Street Trust? Bike Loud? Bike Bus? I predict they will all either be silent or criticize this move to return a bit of sanity to TriMet.

Yeah, it’s such a mystery why people don’t want to ride. /sarcasm
I gave up on riding MAX (unless I have no choice) because of the garbage that goes on routinely.
Buses aren’t much better as the drivers must let on anyone, paying or not. Cracking down on those that don’t pay would help a great deal.
On my list of great things when I retire, the top one “Never ride TriMet again”.

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