Toxicity on these forums

I’m gonna say it, and I know arguments are expected on forums but it’s bad here.

There is a lot of unnecessary toxicity/political tension on these forums, even over minor things. I’ve even seen it directed at the creator/staff many times over petty arguments even. It’s almost always minor opinion disagreements that get far exaggerated and hostile quickly, usually with blatant misquotes, assumptions, and twisting others’ words.

For example, I posted that I painted some gay pride rainbows on the bike lanes near me, and someone replied how the paint is going runoff and pollute the street or whatever. Like yeah dude, your bike’s rubber tire is causing pollution too smh. It’s almost as if they have an underlying political reason to target my gay bike lane paint job and whine about it for some petty reason that isn’t even a problem in the first place. Also, for those who read the post, they didn’t mention anything about it being slippery, they focused on the “pollution” part only in their comment.

There was also the time I made a thread about my firetruck horn I mounted on my bike, which was harmless, and an obnoxious upgrade I did for fun. Everyone loved it, except for a select few members who started whining about it being too loud/damaging ears. They twisted my words deeply, made the thread become an argument-circle-jerk with over 50 replies, with lots of false comment-flagging, and eventually the thread had to be unlisted by staff. I wonder why semi-trucks and firetrucks are allowed to use them if they are so dangerous? A cyclist with a firetruck horn is a perfect unexpected deterrent/scare to bad drivers, and I get multiple strangers per ride asking me to honk it. The only people who dislike it are the bad drivers, and apparently, randoms online who want to find a bone to pick with almost everything. Especially on these forums.

Hi. I was one of the people “whining” about your eardrum destruction machine. I also called you out for your escalation and intention to bring a gun to your future confrontations. I dislike the horn, and I am categorically not a bad driver. For instance, when I do drive, I actually obey the speed limit–to the annoyance of many other drivers.

Do you not see the irony in your post complaining about “toxicity” while you simultaneously libel and insult others?

You are correct that your horn post was delisted by staff. Perhaps staff would like to weigh in as to why exactly? It seems you’re making the opposite assumption that I am, with regard to the reason.


It seems like you want to be a provocateur. That’s all well and good, the world needs provocateurs. But if you’re going to do that, then you’re going to have to expect pushback sometimes from people who disagree with you. When someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being toxic. From what I’ve seen, people have mostly been pretty polite to you even while disagreeing with you. Taking Rule #5 to heart can help you in your future endeavors.

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When did I insult or libel others once? I never directly called out anyone by name, nor had the intention of shaming specific individuals. I also never once said I was going to bring a gun to future confrontations, I said I planned on getting one for self-defense in the future. It is also not an eardrum destruction machine by any means, it’s an airhorn.

Why was it delisted? Because the thread turned into arguments, over 50 replies, tons of flagging. The creator of the forums himself liked the horn, and had no problems with it. Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t know Matt.

That’s not my point. The point is that I see tiny disagreements turn into arguments over stupid shit 24/7.

If you can’t stand the heat (for replies to your own toxicity) get out of the kitchen (these forums).
Have a wonderful day.


Replies to my own toxicity? I asked for an explanation of the false accusations by other commenters against me. This thread was pointing out the toxicity in general and wasn’t naming anyone in specific. When was I toxic here in the thread? I also definitely wasn’t toxic by posting about a firetruck horn or my gay spraypaint job in any way shape or form. I instead received unnecessary toxicity for posting about those subjects and was using those as an example, without naming names or such.

Please explain to me how posting that I spraypainted a bike lane gay is toxic, please explain to me how posting that I put a firetruck horn on my bike is toxic.

And you are also telling me that I should just suck up the unnecessary toxicity here? What a friendly place this is.

You did not obtain authorization from the government office and people are not legally allowed to decorate the public right of way with whatever they feel like doing, so this is vandalism.

That horn is awesome! It appeared you use it judiciously. Some may have been put off at the profanity laden rant on the driver who almost hit you. I know you were pissed (who wouldn’t be) but it was a bit scary to watch. Then you mentioned carrying a gun and to me that didn’t seem like a great idea given your behavior after the near miss. Just my 2 cents but the HORN IS AWESOME!

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And what are you going to do about it? I couldn’t care less.

Thank you, and I never realized that driver could have been the reason most were getting argumentative about it since most of them directed the hate at it being illegal/too loud, etc, both petty reasons imo.

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So you really don’t see your own toxicity in accusing people who disagree with you of “whining” and being “bad drivers”? And claiming that you “never directly called out anyone by name, nor had the intention of shaming specific individuals” is extremely disingenuous when you’re calling out specific incidents of criticism–criticism voiced by (gasp!) specific individuals!

Making assumptions about things I don’t know, you say? Your hypocrisy deepens.

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Oh but you did make assumptions about why the post was unlisted, Matt. When have I made an assumption here that would make me hypocritical?

I never accused those who disagree with me of being bad drivers once Matt, not sure where you’ve gotten that from at all, please don’t make things up. And as for ‘seeing my own toxicity’ via pointing out that this place is pretty toxic with examples, that’s not being toxic back, I’m simply pointing out the toxicity.

And as for your condescending point of me shaming specific individuals, which is factually false as I have not done so, I just paraphrased recent examples of people getting upset over nonexistent or petty problems, without calling out anyone by name. They were used as examples without intention of shaming.

Do y’all not have anything better to do with your time than constantly snipe back and forth at each over this bullshit? Here’s some suggestions: ride your bike, work on your bike, clean your bike, read about bikes, talk about bikes, help someone else with their bike, take a nap and dream about bikes.


WTF is wrong with you? You are not arguing in good faith and I’m done here.

Look at you literally quoting only the first half of the sentence.

“The only people who dislike it are the bad drivers, and apparently, randoms online who want to find a bone to pick with almost everything.”

WTF is wrong with you? You are not arguing in good faith and I’m done here.

Flower crow,
My advice, just ignore Matt. Seems like he is just wanting to pick a fight. Not worth it. That horn is cool. If you build any other cool bike add ons, please share.

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There’s some irony in complaining about toxicity, then writing that people who didn’t share your positive opinion of your bike horn (which even you describe as “obnoxious”) and bike lane painting are “whining”.


You forgot that the person who complained about my bike lane complained about the sole purpose of it “polluting” when the paint eventually runs off, which is obviously a petty practically nonexistent reason, and their real motive is very suspicious. You fail to see that there is no irony in me pointing out a silly complaint such as “paint runoff”, is silly. Simply not comparable in any way shape nor form to being toxic.

I also never wanted everyone to share a positive opinion about my bike horn, I just found a few unnecessary negative opinions about nonexistent excuses for why they think the horn is bad, when in reality their subconscious motive is that they got upset when I verbally confronted a bad driver in the video I posted on the thread, as all cyclists should do if they feel comfortable enough to do so, and/or another reason possibly jealousy?