Tillamook avenue traffic circle meeting

It was certainly a interesting and informative neighborhood meeting at ne 7th and Tillamook. There was a lot to learn by listening to residents actually living in the area being impacted by possible street modifications. Some comments reflected how the locals felt offended and insulted by how they learned of what the city intended for the intersection. It was useful to hear from locals who frequently see bicyclists riding around the traffic circle in the wrong direction. It also seemed apparent to me that some of the locals very vocally talking about the potential street upgrade were not bicyclists. They did not seem to have any experience using heavily traveled streets with the green and broken green makings. One brief comment was very informative when it was admitted that the value of a traffic circle at a three-way intersection is very doubtful. As a bicyclist who uses Tillamook often as a east-west route I am very interested in how this progresses in terms of public relations and execution. It seemed like no matter well intentioned this street improvement is the involved agencies got a serious dope slap in terms of their technique for informing those who will be personally impacted. Personally even after the upgrade I do not see me using 7th avenue as a bike route anywhere north of Broadway any time in the near futture.