Tillamok between 61st & 62nd

Tillamook is a great east west route but in some sections it is a narrow residential street. The section between 61st & 62nd across from the park adjoining Rose City Golf Course is a serious accident waiting to happen. The condition of this road surface is deplorable. It has large and deep open spaces without pavement and there are no sidewalks. Staying upright and staying out of holes and loose gravel is a major challenge. Since the city has at some point paved the street isn’t it their responsibility to repair it without charging the adjoining homeowners?

Since there are no curbs or sidewalks on that block, the property owners are probably on the hook for the price of adding them in the future. The city will most likely not want to spend any extra money on fixing the roadway until curbs are installed as the roadway and curb work as a system and are much more resistant to deterioration vs uncurbed streets. The standard way of financing this improvement would be through a LID where public financing is offered but does add to the monthly cost of ownership.

Since it’s on a bike route, there is a possibility that the property owners could get lucky and have the city squander precious greenway budget on “improving” the road like the planned retrofit of NE Everett between 76th and 78th for the 70s bikeway.

The looming liability of a forced LID payment on properties w/o sidewalks is priced into the property. The current owners were able to get these properties at a discount and unfortunately they’ll have to pay up to get curbs/sidewalks and a smooth road. It is one of the reasons I didn’t consider a house on a road w/o curbs or sidewalks despite the generally cheaper price, often lower traffic, and quieter streets. You just don’t know when the city will come along and make you pay $20k randomly for the privilege of more and faster traffic on your secluded / anti-cut-through drive.

That section of Tillamook isn’t technically the bike route, either. The routing goes south to Hancock at 62nd, so I doubt we’ll see any improvements on that part of Tillamook. Honestly, the condition of Hancock and Broadway are better in that section (62nd to 47th), and Hancock gives you the best crossing of 57th and 47th, so no real reason to be using Tillamook west of 62nd as a through route.

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You are correct about better conditions and lane width on Hancock. With my trips starting over by Vancouver avenue I often use Hancock after I cross Sandy blvd.

If the locals are not making any serious noise about it conditions will probably just continue to degrade. One ongoing hazard is people walking in the narrow street instead of the muddy soil. This section is so short some of the involved houses actually do not have addresses on Tillamook.

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