Tilikum Crossing bridge bike hazard

Going south at end of the bridge and Bond Street. The bike and pedestrian lanes on the bridge are on the same flat surface separated by a painted stripe.

At the south end beginning at the yellow stripe the bike lane separates from the pedestrian lane. The separation is in the form of a physical barrier which mushrooms to curb height which after about 6 to 8 feet goes back down to a flat surface.

An ill-timed right turn from the bike lane, crossing the pedestrian lane, onto Bond street towards downtown will cause the “mushroomed” curb and the front wheel to collide.

In my case it caused loss of control, a spill, and a fractured pelvis. Luckily the damage healed with physical therapy, without surgical intervention.

Wow, that’s terrible. So glad you healed up without surgery.
You should report that to PBOT. Unfortunately, since Portland city government is barely functioning, I wouldn’t hold my breath. :frowning: Still worth a try.
Call them at (503) 823-5185