Three (3) Stolen E-Bikes without Batteries

On the evening of June 9, 2021, three (3) ebikes were stolen from inside a detached garage at the corner of SW Vista Ave and SW Jackson St.

  1. Scott Sub Tour black with green trim s/n GJ576632
  2. Bulls Cross Mover Lo-step black s/n AA71277666
  3. Cube Reaction Hybrid black with blue trim s/n WOW89660PSFR
    All bikes with front suspension, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and Kinnekt body float seat posts. In addition all bikes were stolen without batteries.
    LO Police recovered Cube in LO, but it was later restolen from an offsite facility

oh…that’s right around the corner in the smug uppity neighborhood by mayor’s old house.

"smug uppity neigthborhood by mayor’s old house.’’ That’s sure helpful to the conversation.

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Bummer. So sad the police defunding axed the Bike Theft Task Force. The city government of Portland is on life support. We’re on our own. We need to form a bike theft posse!
Here’s a helpful link:

Posse has some negative connotations, but close up photos geotagged of some of the chop shops encountered around the Metro on specific out-of-place bike frames might be a start.

I like Old West movies and the posse always saves the day!
We need that bike posse! Not recommending for them to carry Winchesters of course. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there is no one to act on geotagged photos of chop shops. We’re on our own in P-town.