There are no police, no fines, no training and no respect.”

“There are no police, no fines, no training and no respect.”

Sounds like Portland.

For those not interesting in paying the NYT (or in the know about browser developer tool tricks that can sidestep paywalls), this article is essentially lamenting growing pains about a significant transportation change, not dissimilar at all to scooters in Portland: Definitely some reckless and entitled behavior as everybody adjusts to the new thing, blown out of proportion by peoples’ innate attention to novelty (as opposed to, say, automobile carnage which we’re all just used to, so people barely bat an eye anymore).

A notable difference (and I point this out without a pro or con position myself) between Paris’ strategy and, say, Portland’s with scooters is that Paris is trying enforcement with ≈$150 fines for “unruly cyclists” and adding more police to hand out those fines.


Leave it to NYT to shit on bike infrastructure. It turns out their aging rich boomer liberal audience fear change as much or more than most. Mainstream liberals are the new conservatives.

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Pretty unfair (and not accurate) to reduce this piece to the NYT “shitting on bike infrastructure.” In fact, the article quotes an urban designer as saying that “Paris has the right ideas,” but it’s rough going, given that the existing “infrastructure is like spaghetti. … It’s chaotic, it doesn’t connect up and there’s no cohesive network.” The author also writes that “Cyclists say Paris hasn’t done enough to make bike commuting safe.”

There’s a lot more going on here than the headline might suggest.


It seems to me that this article is actually about New York, like everything is for New Yorkers. Bike infrastructure will never work in NYC! If Paris can’t even do it how can we!? It’s best to just quit with all the bike lanes already until we have a better plan! The quotes to the contrary are only there to allow said rich liberals to pretend to themselves that they support a car free future, but it’s just too chaotic and risky to do anything about it right now!