The last week's bike thefts

Just a couple notes on the last 7 days of bike thefts here in PDX:

Dates: June 25th 2020 to July 2nd, 2020
Total: 23 bikes listed stolen
With Serials: 20 with a serial (this is a fantastic ratio, btw)
Without Serials: 3 without a serial
Most expensive theft: $4200
Number of stolens with decent photos of their bike: 10 (this is a terrible ratio, btw)
Rough est total value of these 23 stolens: $31,525

Photos of the more stand out ones are attached here.

If you’re reading this and you a) haven’t registered your bike in Bike Index yet and b) haven’t taken at least a few good photos of your bike and put them in that listing, hey, please do that now.


Hate to be a pill, but your numbers don’t add up. Were there two without serial numbers rather than three? That would be best - otherwise the count says 22 stolen. :grimacing:

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Bah. Yeah, miscount. I’ll edit in a sec. AAAANd an edit to my edit, since another PDX victim just showed up :frowning:

I do not celebrate bike thefts. I do however appreciate you, @bikeindex, making a thread like this. It makes it easy to just make a mental note of bikes to be on the lookout for. Some day, I hope I can help an owner reconnect with their ride.


I guarantee you if you spend a couple of minutes looking at newly posted bikes every morning and matching them against bikes in Bike Index that’ll happen pretty quickly. If you want to do this, I’d love to have another pair of eyes out there doing this.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try.

thanks for sharing this. Really stinks to see so many beautiful bikes taken from their people.

It makes me sad to know that a lot of bike thefts are taking place nowadays.

Wow! I wonder if there could be some sort of program that would automatically scan OfferUp for stolen bikes listed on Bike Index. That would be cool.