The death toll climbs in a once safe city. Why?

Pedestrian deaths are up nationally but not internationally. Portland has been especially hard hit. What are we doing wrong?

We tolerate and encourage drug addiction and lawless driving in Oregon. Drug addicts wander into traffic and get run over. Lawless drivers run people over and keep going. It’s pretty simple actually.

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Yes, I see it every day on my walks, people ignoring traffic laws that are inconvenient for them.
It’s even sad to see that in these very forums and the main blog folks advocating dangerous behavior just because they might have to stop at a stop light/sign for 30 seconds to make us all safer. Guess they are omnipotent and above societal laws for us commoners.


And the leaders in Portland have decided they can’t provide enforcement of our laws as that is racist and discriminatory against people who don’t follow them. Maybe we should just repeal all our laws and live in anarchy?