The city where cars are not welcome (Heidelberg, 🇩🇪)

So much to inspire Portland here. Just goes to show that this stuff isn’t impossible, it just requires the right framing and approach. Was glad to include this in the Monday Roundup this week. Thanks for sharing it here.

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:+1:. Glad you liked it.

If you-all do nothing else in your life hereafter, get over to Europe, especially in the north, and ride! The culture there is WAY different; cyclists are actually respected as having rights on the road! Courtesy is the rule, not the exception. There are bike routes pretty much everywhere in the Netherlands, and Denmark, Germany, northern Italy are great. I was SHOCKED, in a good way, to discover this. The bad news is that when you get back to PDX, you’ll realize that despite all our self-congratulatory yammering, we’re pretty pathetic by comparison. Haven’t been to Heidelberg yet, but thanks for this!


The irony is that Heidelberg is right next door to Mannheim and Stuttgart, the birthplace(s) of the modern automobile. I studied in Mannheim and even worked in the place where the first automobile patent was filed (at least, that’s what I heard over and over again). And yet - I could exist there easily without one, between biking and great transit. I biked from Mannheim to Heidelberg a couple of times, almost entirely along a beautiful scenic river route.

If I hadn’t found it a struggle socially (it’s hard making friends as an introvert already before you start off as a foreigner learning the language), I’d still be in Germany today.

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