The carnage in PDX continues Cyclist injured 12/20/22 , driver did not stop

A bicyclist has suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car Tuesday night.

On December 20 at 10:37 p.m., officers from the Portland Police Bureau were dispatched to a crash involving a bicyclist near the intersection of North Killingsworth Street and North Minnesota Avenue.
The driver of the involved vehicle did not remain at the scene.

Housing status of injured cyclist not disclosed.

Enforcement is racist!


Questions -

How do you know the race of the man hit?

How can anything be enforced if the driver is still unknown? I hear they’re looking into surveillance videos from businesses nearby.

FunGirl, is it just me or do you like slapping labels on everything without any justification for it?

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do you like slapping labels on everything without any justification for it?

Pot meet kettle.


Nah, I just don’t see how your out-of-context use of the word racism was able to be applied to this situation when the police literally had nothing to work with - no plates - no car description - etc. The police couldn’t enforce the law against the driver if they wanted to in this case. Therefore I took your silly reply seriously.

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Oh well, trying to help others isn’t allowed. Good luck.

pretty sure it was a sarcastic reference to the way Portland Police toned down traffic enforcement to address racism. . .

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Again, you two continue to make baseless accusations and never elaborate on how any of my actions are “violent”, etc etc. Confronting a bad driver who nearly killed me is not “violent”. Their careless actions that broke the law and put my life in danger was the closest thing to violence in any of my videos. You continue to slander my name for no reason other than the fact that you disagree with me. Act like an adult and argue in good faith with a reasonable/defensible opinion, rather than slamming labels without elaborating or explaining how I fall under that label.

Do you want community forums, or do you want this place to be bickering 24/7?

I see, I was unaware of this context and shouldn’t have taken their comment so seriously.

Interesting that you automatically presumed I was talking about you.
At least you see yourself in what I’ve written.
Good luck.

You’re acting like a smart-ass on bicycle forums man. Get a life and stop making this place toxic.