The Bizarre Story of PBOT and a Transportation Ideology that Failed

I don’t agree with Mr. Chuch’s take on this but if we want to make biking easier and safer in Portland we need to understand why the current approach of PBOT, local transportation non-profits and bike “advocates” is NOT working. If you want to truly understand the problem we have in Portland (and not just be a reactionary) this blog post from Mr. Church is required reading. The Netherlands converted from a US style car centric transportation system because the public at large DEMANDED it. There was a broad based desire and not a “movement” pushed onto people by the government and a small slice of the population. Hard working citizens of Portland need to feel heard for them to support change and see that changes will improve safety and livability, not the opposite. Trying to cram change down someone’s throat will not work in a democracy. It’s Political Science 101.