The bike chop shop under the NE side of Fremont Bridge

They tend to move around but there’s always something a relatively large scale chop shop going on here. It used to be down the bluff between the RI Sand & Gravel and the river and most recently it was in the pullout between the recycling business and the road.

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Shouldn’t we start a sub forum for bike chop shop sightings?

As a new user I can only post one picture therefore this is my follow up with the second photo of Fremont Bridge area chop shop. It used to be along the water at 1208 N River St. I have no idea who is operating it now but the chop shop activity moved across the street in very wide pullout between the road and Cloudburst Recycling.

The lack of RV parking enforcement is surely contributing to this as RVs provide convenient base camp for this activity. The top picture shows the more recent chop shop. The bottom picture is along the river where a large bone yard used to be a few months ago.


I apologize as “NE end of Fremont bridge” is not very clear.
The exact location of the most recent sighting was at
45.539505, -122.680338

Several months prior to the above, it was at
45.539299, -122.681712

I hear you. But as @bikeindex and others already know, I have mixed feelings about how we talk about/report this stuff. Not all people who live outside are “chopping” stolen bikes and we have to treat everyone with respect/innocent until proven guilty. I don’t want our platforms to become vigilantes bringing police or other types of interactions with innocent people. That being said, PPB Bike Theft Task Force Officer @DaveSanders is on here regularly and also keeps an eye out for theft hot spots so he is a good person to tag on this type of thing.


Assuming it’s the trash that’s putting you off then you can report it here: RID Patrol: Report dumped garbage | Metro

You can probably report it as Abandoned Auto (although as you say they’re giving occupied RV’s a free pass) and Campsite Reporting via the web site.

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As I think you already know, having read your 2014 story about stealing back your own bike, there’s a difference between being unable to prove a legal guilt they’re possessing stolen bikes vs most likely stolen, but not having been registered by the proper owner.
others might find this link interesting to read.

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Unauthorized, industrial activity has increased. All kinds of vehicle from ultra sketchy looking cars without plates to recent model respectable looking vehicles are repeatedly making brief stop overs. So I would consider this spot still active. I’ve seen $1000+ looking bikes of unknown origins recently as well. There’s more tarp covering than ever before and there’s less visible open air daytime industrial operations related to bicycles. A structure has been installed here. As far as I am aware, building permit has not been obtained.

Update as of 3/1/21