Texas again: Jeep driver attacks cyclist

Yet another reason to avoid Texas as if any more were needed. As a nation, we really need to consider expelling Texas from the union - and I say this as someone who was born there and whose relatives live there.

Jeep driver charged with reckless driving after swerving into oncoming traffic, targeting cyclist (chron.com)

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Or, come to Portland Oregon where Asian people are attacked because of their race.

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And I might add two men in their 80’s were savagely beaten downtown, one of them died. Two Starbucks locations closing citing safety concerns. Portlandia ain’t exactly smelling like roses.

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While i agree with you, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the announced Starbucks closings are an effort to stop unionization.

Or maybe there’s fewer people downtown buying coffee because of the trash, unpredictable people, unsafe transit, the numerous Whellerville’s and Kafourytowns all over the sidewalks and other spaces, etc.?
I’ve been forced to go back to my employer’s office and can’t get out of downtown fast enough at the end of my day. I have yet to find any of my co-workers who enjoy being downtown again either.
It’s always such a joy to have to watch where I step so I don’t step in feces. Having to listen to the yelling and screaming. Walking in the street with traffic because the sidewalk is blocked.
I’m surprised its taken this long for Starbucks to announce closures downtown.