Terwilliger Bike lane obstacle

Just curious what others think about this. Downhill bike lane near OHSU entrance has a drainage grate that has 3 sandbags, (they may have wood chips in them) one on each side. I’m assuming they’re intended to keep debris out. They’re against the curb but narrow the bike lane by 50%. They’re a forest green color which somewhat blends into the pavement. I think they would be very difficult to see at night. Seems dangerous to me. They’ve been there for at least several months. Terwilliger has numerous grates along it for drainage, so I’m not sure why this one gets special treatment.

tagging @barbara.stedman for SW knowledge.

I hear you about the frustration with bags like that! If it’s helpful to you we posted a story about the problem with these in 2018 and there might be some good info in the comments too Bulky storm drain filter bags obstruct bike lanes - BikePortland.org

I would reach out to OHSU Transportation and ask them Campus Transportation | OHSU

I know nothing about this specific site, but those bags are usually an environmental requirement to abate sediment run-off into storm drains from nearby construction activity.

Edit: I see Jonathan’s article explains that nicely. Should have clicked first, I guess.

Went by today and noticed someone moved the bio-bags so they now sit on the grate as opposed to being adjacent to the grate allowing considerable more room for the bike lane. Also, thanks Jonathan for link to past articles looks like you’ve covered this topic before.