Terwilleger Closed?

I tried to do my familiar workout route: down Broadway, connect to Terwilliger, cross Barbur at Burlinggame FM, drop down to cross Sellwood Bridge. Terwilliger is closed. How long, I don’t know. So I did an alternate along the river on both sides and got in about 20 miles.
How long will Terwilliger be out of action?

Terwilliger was open this morning when I wrote it (Monday, 8/30/21). I did see a sign saying Broadway Drive is closed. It did not have any details about whether people on bikes can get around the work area.

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Where did you find Terwilliger closed? I live just off it, ride it almost everyday, and didn’t see any closures over the weekend. Feel free to come on back and climb the hill again. :bike:

I tried it last Thursday or Friday and found the north end had a fence across and a redundant sign saying the road was closed. I gather it was short term and I will give it a shot tomorrow or Friday.

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