Tampering with traffic signal should be made a felony

Traffic signals are elecronically controlled and electrically energized. If the electrical conductors are severed, they could go out and lead to a deadly accident.

As can be seen in May 2023, there’s clear evidence of tampering here:
may 2023 burnside

By October 2023, the cover is entirely missing due to vagrant and transient related theft/attempted theft of electricity, and how did SIGNAL & LIGHTING division of PDX PBOT not notice such a serious safety critical tampering for so long? As of 11/18/2023, its still missing access hole cover!
It’s #22 high crash intersection https://www.portland.gov/transportation/vision-zero/high-crash-network-streets-and-intersections
hh missing

Currently, it is a felony to
Intentionally uses, manipulates, arranges or rearranges the property of a public utility, telecommunications carrier, railroad, public transportation facility or medical facility used in direct service to the public so as to interfere with its efficiency.
(ORS 164.365 – Criminal mischief in the first degree

They should add traffic control equipment to it, so vagrants and transients that tamper with the handhole of signal poles would be charged with a felony mischief.


But our houseless “neighbors” are just fighting the high cost of rent!