Suspicious activity - bicycle related SW 18th/Market

Two suspicious male subjects were observed criminal trespassing into non public parts of ODOT area dragging nice pricey looking cargo bikes up the embankment through a broken fence at SW 18th Ave under the sunset highway. Up the ravined embankment there’s a suspicious crude makeshift structure at 45.515547, -122.692348 which is approximately 275’ to the east from the broken fence at SW 18th & SW Market St

There’s a reasonable presumption that they had no lawful business, because I did not see yellow E plate government vehicles nearby that would indicate official business being conducted.


Do you recall anything about the cargo bikes? Color, Model, Unusual elements?

No. It was too dark to get a clear view. It didn’t look shabby though. If you want to investigate, you may want to try approaching from the shoulder from the Sunset Highway WB on the far right lane in a vehicle. I think that’s what bicycle salvaging criminals to load/unload bikes from illegitimate makeshift shop.

They “were observed”, you say. Did YOU observe them? Or was it Cthulhu?

…I hate the passive voice. It’s a crutch and/or manipulative. If you know who performed an action, identify them. If not, explain why not.


Chopwatch is just subconsciously trying to mimic a neutral news reporter reporting facts about a case, rather than voicing it with his own opinions in a first-person perspective like you’d expect to see on a forum post.

I dunno, just a bit weird I guess.

It’s a good thing that people express their opinions and thoughts in a diversity of ways. Just think how boring the world would be if everyone had to express themselves following a rule book that a couple of non-owners of the forums wanted.


SolarEclipse’s comment was believed to have completely missed the point that Matt was making. (Isn’t this fun?)

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