Super long ride recommendations from PDX or Couv

I’ve worked up to 40 miles but looking for a longer 60-70 mile long ride. Any recommendations that have a high percentage of bike friendly roads (ie, not Hwy 14) or even better long bike trails? Willing to drive a bit (30 min?) to get there.


N Portland to Oregon City is good. Over 40 miles if you make a big loop. N Portland to Steele Bridge then westside of river crossing to E at Sellwood bridge then trolley trail to Oregon City. It’s also possible to find back roads from there to Mt Angel.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Marine Drive is about 20 miles from Kelly Point Park to Troutdale, most of it on a multi-use path but some in a bike lane / shoulder on a busy road. So you can make an out-and-back of 40 miles or easily connect to Vancouver, St. John, N. Portland, NE PDX, SE PDX, or downtown. At Troutdale you can connect to the Historic Columbia River Highway (no bike lane) and ride up to the Women’s Forum overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. In normal times, you can ride a little further to Crown Point or all the way to Multnomah Falls, but the road is closed now due to the pandemic.

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There’s a lot of good riding in the hills around PDX – putting in that kind of distance is no problem. Same goes for Washington county ag roads.

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I do a loop around east PDX that’s just under 60 miles with most of it on a path. You can enter it from the I-205 crossing from Vancouver. Counter clockwise from the I-205 path to Marine it includes: Marine to Lombard at Kelley Point Park; then connect to Willamette at St. Johns; then either Greeley to Interstate or scoot over to Vancouver Ave via Rosa Parks; then either Eastbank Esplanade or cross the river to Waterfront Park Trail or Naito if Waterfront is too crowded; then connect with Springwater Trail which connects with Gresham - Fairview Trail; then back to Marine.

You can take Springwater all the way out to Boring for another 7 miles that way but then you’re using regular roads to reconnect with the Historic Highway to get you back to Marine.

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Check out

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Want some vantucky roads? Look at Burnt Bridge Creek. I love making a loop from I5->Burnt->205, and you can add miles by going west from downtown Vanc along the lake (a good 10-14mi each way). Starts off Fruit Valley Road. You aren’t going to make 70 miles doing that, though, without connecting to other segments.

Plenty of rides on the Oregon side, I’ll leave that out of scope for now :slight_smile: Generally it seems safer to stay in Oregon.

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I like Burnt Bridge Creek trail, too! It’s a MUP, so yield to pedestrians. Check the connections on both ends on a map; at least the first time they weren’t obvious to me. From the east end of it there are some moderately tame road routes north to Paradise Point and Battleground Lake state parks, both in the range of 60-80 mile loops from downtown Portland.

These are awesome routes. I live in NE so the Marine/Lombard/Kelly has appeal. I ended up with a 65 mile ride my friend calls RACC Ride Around Clark County.

Perhaps that’s the vantucky route tedder?