String lights for bike frame?

I’m looking for decent quality battery operated LED string lights for my frame so I can be “seen” at night. Any recommendations? Thanks! amy

I got these to string to the canopy of my cargo bike and I really like them. They are powered off USB so any external USB battery should work.

They aren’t super bright but I think do make the bike more visible.

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fabulous! thank you !

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Those refletive tapes you see on commercial vehicle bumpers and dumpsters might work better for improving sideway reflectively. Put it on the fork, side of frame and don’t forget the reflective plastic thing that goes in the spokes. They help massively to help improve night time side visibility.

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thank you. red/yellow though. blech.

That retro-reflective tape is available in all colors, including black. I put black on my black rims and it blends in very well in the daytime but reflects nice and bright at night.

I love this Tenacious Tape stuff. Had some sent to me to review a while back and I use it on clothing, all my helmets, my bikes, and cycling shoes. Super good quality Reflective Tenacious Tape | GEAR AID

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thanks. does it come off easily without too much residue in case i sell the bike and the new owner doesn’t want the tape? thank you!

I’ve ridden many miles in the dark in winter storms on highways and have tried everything. My experience is that rather than lighting and putting reflective stuff on the bike itself, you’re better off with this stuff on you.

On you, it’s in the direct line of drivers’ sight, cleaner (i.e. not covered on broad grime), and it shows your shape as a human. Reflective ankle straps show up/down motion attracting the eye and making it clear you’re a cyclist.

A lot of lighting setups I see in PDX look cool but are ultimately not that effective. You need a simple scheme that makes you immediately obvious as a cyclist. Excessive creativity or dazzly displays force drivers to think – which delays their reaction and makes them less likely to respond correctly.

You need both lights and reflective gear as they serve different purposes.