Stop calling vehicular assaults 'accidents'

Today’s sports illustrated cover story is all about Shawn Bradley, the former NBA star that was paralyzed when he was hit by the driver of a minivan who fled the scene. For no apparent reason, the driver was never cited, even though the failure to perform the duties of a driver charge would be cut and dry.
Even though the article clearly describes what happened when Bradley was assaulted and rendered permanently disabled by the driver, the author repeatedly refers to the collision as an ‘accident.’ it seems to me that this use of language is a not insignificant part of the American mindset that just assumes that vehicle related killings and maimings are just a part of normal life that needs to be accepted. I believe that we can’t change the culture of death and destruction by people in cars without changing the language that we use to describe it.


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I love the movement Matt but,

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