STOLEN ROAD BIKE - Focus Cayo Evo 6.0

Identifying acessories: blue bottles and cages, ISM 1.0 saddle/seat, Garmin 520 Plus, Light in Motion Trail; green in color, Bontrager ION Flare rear light, large Trek under seat bag. Please be on the look out ! Cash reward is available if found.

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Sorry to hear about what happen to your bike, I hope that you will be able to find it.

That’s almost fully equipped, hope you’ll recover it in one piece.

Be sure to get this listed as stolen in and see also this article - esp the parts about watching OfferUp and LetGo

Has there been any effort to persuade OfferUp to change their policy to require showing a photo of where serial number would normally be in order to list?

I’ve spoken with their last 3 “trust and safety” heads since, like, 2018. They have zero interest in doing this. If you want to reach out to me directly I can share more about this, but I have absolutely given up on them doing anything of any real consequence when it comes to this. They do give LE access to information but LE will tell you this is of limited utility. And these days not everybody can get LE to assist with their stolen bikes, so the entire equation is tipped to Offerup’s favor. Hence the stunning amount of stolen goods being fenced on their site.

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