STOLEN peugeot 3/11

I had my vintage peugeot stolen from my backyard this past friday morning. I had a cellphone holder on the handlebars, and panniers attached to the back. I’m grateful they didn’t take my daughters bike as well. Attached is a screenshot of the thief taking the bike from our cameras.


When making a post like this, you should include relevant information such as the serial number, date time and the location of loss as precise as you feel comfortable sharing. Things like this absolutely be shared with NextDoor app too.

What I would also do is put a dot where one of the perp’s shoe is and where the top of perp’s head is right on the monitor screen. Then connect the dots with a string. The length of the string will help you estimate the perpetrator’s height quite accurately, so that you can say “white male, x’ x” in height"


Thanks. Did you file a police report?

Here is a helpful link. It’s DIY bike recovery in Portland. Just hope the lack of public safety and rampant crime doesn’t lead to more vigilanteism.

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