Stolen mountain bike

Specialized Jynx Expert- x small frame. 650b wheels, disc brakes. Serial no. WSBC602190679K. Stolen 2 nights ago in University Park. When they took my bike, they replaced it with a Nishiki Pueblo, serial no. Q1112038522. Looking for advice on how to get this stolen bike to its owner as well as how to find my bike!!


I see you have this listed in Bike Index already, which is good.

You should attempt to find that serial number you don’t have, even if it means calling the shop where you bought it. Some shops also keep serials on record if you’ve brought it in for maintenance.

For next steps, see this article “What To Do When Your Bike Is Stolen in Portland” What to do when your bike is stolen in Portland Oregon ...

… especially the parts about monitoring Offerup, which is where most thieves are fencing stolen bikes online these days.

Consider also joining and posting to Facebook Group “PNW Lost/Stolen Bikes” PNW Lost/Stolen Bikes

Thanks so much! I found the serial number and updated the post, I will certainly look on the webpage. Thanks again

I am hoping that you will be able to find it.