Stolen Bikes from garage today

Specialized TriCross Expert XL Red and White, Stans No Tubes Alpha wheels.

Specialized Camber Pro XXL, Brown and White, Spank wheels, dropper seat post.

Missing from North Alberta and Gay Ave. Portland, Oregon

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If I were you, I would go do a cursory walk through the jungle here, but certainly bring someone along and a means of self-defense. Perhaps also check the alleyway on the west side of Plaid Pantry on Going, then that spot across Going St from Plaid.

Time is of essence. Sooner the better.


Thanks a ton for the suggestions. That was the first place I visited with fliers and $100 reward for each bike. Talked to a ton of people that have much better eyes on the street than me.
There’s another chop strip on The Cut, the Peninsular Trail between Willamette and Lombard. Visited at 10pm last night after getting a tip that my red and white specialized had been seen. Oh well.

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Please get them listed as stolen asap in

And see also What to do when your bike is stolen in Portland Oregon ...


Thanks. Was the first thing I did.


I found a relatively large bone yard in the trees in the lot next to swan island boat ramp. It’s 3737 N Emerson St (OWNER: PORTLAND, CITY OF) a couple months back. Spots like that are a real possibility because of ease of physical access by vehicles, lack of enforcement as well as access to water via hoboats. Illegal camper related vehicles just brazenly drive up the path to access these areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large operation is there again.

Aside from this, check the topics I started and you’ll find a few spots I’ve found not in the distant past.

This is what was stashed in the trees a couple months ago at the Swan Island boat ramp spot