STOLEN bikes from 50th/Stephens St

Two mountain bikes were stolen this morning (3/31) at 6:00 am from The Marc apartment complex’s locked bike room. We noticed that they were missing around noon today and The Marc folks found the thief on camera! Please keep an eye out for these -
Pink women’s size Small Ghost Lanao (dual suspension) - black accents, black handlebars.
Red men’s size Medium Salsa El Mariachi (front suspension) - black and white accents.

Sarah Phillips

bummer Sarah! So sorry this happened. I know PPB Bike Theft Task Force is aware that apt bike rooms are really getting hit these days. Speaking of which, the PPB searches Project 529 when they recover a bike so make sure yours is reported there You could also drop a line to BTTF to get this on their radar. Good luck!

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These 2 bikes have been listed in Bike Index already - here’s the links on 'em for anyone who wants the serials:



I am so sorry to hear about such an unfortunate scenario, I hope that you will be able to find these bikes.

The GHOST has been recovered 05/12/2020 with PPB’s assistance. The Salsa is still AWOL.


Super frustrating, just got another bike from this SAME EXACT BUILDING get listed as stolen.

“just a few weeks ago somebody wiped out all the bikes from our trash room where they have bike storage” - which I think was this original listing

i.e. the place got robbed and then robbed again

-Bike Index