Stolen bike with video. Homeless man named "Mikey"

I had a momentary lapse of judgement this Thurs (2 days ago) as I walked into my business and left my bike on the porch unlocked. 16 mins later this guy grabbed it. First time I have ever not locked my bike that I can remember.

I have been posting reward posters around Sellwood where I live/work and the theft took place. Talked to many folks at the bottle return places like QFC and New Seasons, was directed to some homeless encampments near the Sellwood Dog Park.

All and all everyone has been super friendly and helpful, I have been spreading some dollar bills around to people for info.

This guys name is “Mikey” and he lives out of his truck which is a stolen vehicle. He frequents the area but may not live in any one camp.

I have offered a $100 reward and have several eager homeless people who know this guy supposedly tracking him down.

I keep telling everyone that I dont want to get Mikey in trouble, just want to buy by bike back from him.

Do you have any other suggestions or thoughts about my process so far?


I have money and time and am kind of bored right now so have nothing better to do than to solve my own case. : )

Nextdoor won’t show this to anybody not in that neighborhood. Can you repost this video to youtube pls or ge a direct link so it can be viewed?

Also - please don’t pay the thieves. Please. Don’t. Pay. The. Thieves. This does not help.


Upload the video to YouTube and post the link. Also make sure you post the coordinates of various locations.

You already check these areas: ?

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I did check those sites out. Thank you. Here is the Youtube video.