Stolen Bike Rack

My bike rack was stolen off the back of my car sometime in the last two days. Its a Yakima HoldUp 1.25 inch, hitch mounted rack. The car was parked on SE Yamhill at 45th Ave. I’m keeping a lookout on craigslist, OfferUp etc… but figured I would post here as well.


Have you already done a 3AM investigative ride/drive-by of Laurelhurst Park playground and the Sunnyside School school park? Those are places where a cluster of camp reports have been filed recently.

Not 100 percent of “folks living outside” are an active participant in crime, however these are good places to check. My experience shows unauthorized camps have far too many bikes and those bikes change far too frequently to be consistent with reasonable use of bicycles for the number of people living there.

Source: City of Portland OMF interactive map. Maps | The City of Portland, Oregon
The red dots are vehicle camps. Black dots are camps that aren’t vehicles.
nuisance complaints

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Would you have a way of positive IDing it?