Stolen bike - Blue Schwinn Le Tour

My Schwinn Le Tour (circa 1979-ish) was stolen out my storage unit of my apartment building. While this is concerning on the safety of the building security, I am here to spread the word in hopes that it might miraculously be found. This bike was my dad’s, so there is sentimental value there. It’s blue, suicide shifters, has multi-colored “funfetti” handlebar wrap, black fenders, and a black saddle with paisley imprint design. It also has a red bike bag on the back rack. The images with the red handlebar wrap and seat are older. While I realize many aren’t out and about these days, I am going out on a limb here in hopes someone may spot it, or see it on a re-sell site. Thank you. Be well, friends.

Ugh. So sorry to hear this. looks like a great bike. Bike rooms have become such a huge target… right @bikeindex?

(BTW, thanks for joining the Forums! Sorry it wasn’t under better circumstances.)

Please be sure to get this listed as stolen in and see also the tips in this article: What to do when your bike is stolen in Portland Oregon ...

@Jonathan_Maus yeah. It’s kind of nuts, actually, how many of the listings coming in are from ‘secured’ areas. I would have thought that with everybody being home/social distancing/etc. we’d see a downturn but it’s been completely the opposite. And it’s across all the cities we deal with, not just PDX :frowning:

& @Jonathan_Maus thanks, y’all! I do have it posted there, as well as a handful of other platforms. It’s infuriating and heart breaking. 1979 Schwinn
Thankful to live in a bicycle friendly city where everyone is as helpful as they can be!


FOUND!! I have been driving around to different camps around town the past week. Found her at NE 21 & NE Pacific. A camp of tweekers had a number of bikes, which the cops stayed around to handle after I left. I hope others get their bikes returned! I appreciate everyone who helped me spread the word. Take care, y’all.


Good job on the legwork there.

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I am glad to know that you have managed to find it.

Great work! Rolling around town and looking for your bike is something I strongly encourage. It worked for me years ago when I recovered my rig. Glad you got it back and that the cops were able to assist. :100: :100:

Mostly intact? Congratulations, and clean the muck out of the serial number and make sure it’s in your registration.

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Hello! My bike was stolen last night, I am really hoping you have some advice to offer on how you found it? Which camps did you go to? I am living in North Portland so I wonder if there are any around there?

Hello Lauren! Sorry to hear about your bike. I drove around to all the camp areas that I was familiar with. I did this in the AM and PM, as often if no one is at the camps, they have all of their loot covered with tarps. I went to camps all over town. I ended up finding it at a camp less than a half mile from my apartment. I drove around town everyday, and found it 10 days after it was stolen.

  • Depending on the type of bike you have, it could be a bike that will be used for parts, so finding where the chop shop camps are would be a good place to start
  • File a police report online (include serial number if you have it)
  • Post on FB local & PNW stolen bike groups and PDX classifieds
  • Post on Nextdoor
  • Post as stolen on resale websites

Don’t forget to post on this site, so we can all keep an eye out for it! Best of luck to you.