Steel Bridge incident

I was riding my bike today around 230 under the steel bridge in NW when I felt something hit my leg and then front wheel. Shortly after my bike tire exploded and I was left with a gash on leg. I heard the sound of exploding glass and it became apparent that I had either hit a bottle or one was thrown at me. It is possible that I have my chronology wrong as it happened very quickly but my leg was bleeding and if I had hit a bottle I don’t think it would have ejected and hit my leg after being crushed - but who knows ? I am inquiring to hear if anyone else has had any similar issues in this area. This is a particularly sketchy area with overhead bridges and it is possible that someone is possessed by the devil or has an axe to grind against cyclist.

Sad to hear.

It wan’t at that location, butI have had cans thrown at me by jerkoff frat boy types. All in all it’s pretty difficult to throw and hit someone on a moving bike. So if it was an attacker ( and who knows with all the crazy s**t happening?) it was a good shot. I am hoping you just hit something and there was some Rube Goldberg effect… Maybe you hit a bottle that was already broken?

I guess it will be hard to figure out exactly what happened in that particular moment, but there are some jerks out there, and some of them pick cyclists as their targets. Almost makes me want to get a car…