Stark street bike path upgrade

It was encouraging to read the article Saturday, July 23 about the stark street bike path.
It was a nice introduction to the process, opportunities and frustrations of improvements to bike right-of-ways. For much of this year I have have been doing long distance ride preparing for the annual Seattle to Portland ride. I finished the two-day version of it last weekend. One of my challenges was finding long flat routes to train on. Three of my options were Stark street, Halsey street, and Glisan street to arrive in Troutdale. After riding Stark street a number of times I stopped in disappointment and frustration. It is a great route to get from east of downtown to near the outer edge of the county. Often I would not start on the street until I was east of 122nd avenue to the outskirts of Troutdale. That is where you experience a frustrating selection of road conditions. There are sections of the bike path which reduce in width to being nonexistent. Sections where it turns into a shear drop off of collapsed asphalt. Layers of still thick gravel left from possible ice and snow months earlier. Not to mention debris and abandoned vehicles. One of the most frustrating parts of this list of conditions is that it a road where there it appears there is more than enough surface area that it seems improvements to a usable safe path would not be a major challenge. The lane is marked, the surface seems to already be present without the need to have discussions with other property owners. As a work project and major upgrade the major components missing are the motivation and funding.

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